The Basics

The HopperStand is a "one of a kind" multi-purpose utility table and universal bag holder for used in wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. It consists of an adjustable frame with a novel, lockable pivot assembly that has 6 preset positions to adjust the frame size. In addition, it is provided with detachable table top, 6 bag holding clips and 2 stakes - all of which can be stored on the frame assembly for storage and transport. Fully made in the USA, the HopperStand is an ideal item for any homeowner or outdoor enthusiast. But it can be used in a number of other settings as well depending on specific need.

The HopperStand frame is made of PVC, ABS and PP plastic material. The stakes are made of ABS plastic. The bag clips are made of PP plastic. Lastly, the table top is made of copolymer PP plastic.

The HopperStand detachable table top is 16" x 22"x 1" in size. The "frame only" dimension in folded configuration is 15.5" x 32.5" x 3.5". With the table top attached to the top of the frame, the height of the unit is 34". The HopperStand has 2 pivot assemblies on either side of the frame with rotating cam-lock levers that allows to adjust the frame size and height. The height of the frame ranges from 23" to 31" tall depending on preset position selected on the pivot assemblies.

Yes. The HopperStand has 2 pivot mechanisms on each side with cam-lock levers. Each pivot has 6 preset positions (Narrow 1, Narrow 2, Narrow 3, Standard, Wide 1 and Wide 2) . Depending on which preset position is selected, the height of the frame can vary from 23" tall in the widest frame opening position to 31" tall in the narrowest frame opening position.

An individual HopperStand weighs a mere 4.75 lb.

No. Every unit is tested for assembly and functionality prior to shipping and we guarantee 100% satisfaction with your purchase. We have done our very best to inform the user of the limitations of the product, and they are clearly printed on the table top. Unfortunately, we have no mechanism to assess any damage to the item resulting from inappropriate use of the item.

The HopperStand is 100% manufactured in USA.

The assembled and folded unit has a dimension of 15.5" x 32.5" x 3.5". The shipping dimension of a single unit in a bookfold carton is 17" x 33" x 4" and weighs 6 lb. The shipping dimension of 4 units in a box is 17" x 33" x 16" and weighs 22 lb.

Yes. The HopperStand consists of plastic parts, all of which are Prop 65 compliant.

The Uses

The HopperStand is like a "Swiss Army knife" - it is a multi-purpose utility table and a universal bag holder. As a combination utility table and bag holder, its uses are limited only by your imagination and needs.

The HopperStand is a versatile item for all types of outdoor uses. The universal bag holding frame can be used as portable trash bag holder for picnics, beach trips, camping or in an RV/camper, tailgating or any other outdoor activity. Likewise, with the tabletop, it can be used for picnics, backyard parties, beach trips, camping, hunting, fishing, on a boat, in an RV...basically you are limited by your imagination and specific need.

The HopperStand is the perfect item for indoor uses that range from basic trash bag holder to laundry hamper or toy storage, sporting items storage, basically…a storage item for any number of common household items. With the table top, a portable utility table can be used for any number of domestic applications. Not to mention, it can be used as a "TV dinner" table if needed.

Yes. If the bag fits on the frame (think plastic trash bags or a sack made of any other material) or inside the frame (as in the case of a self-standing bag such as a paper yard waste bag), it will work with the HopperStand. TIP: A bag of any size can be used on the frame and held in place using the bag clips without locking the cam lock lever in the preset positions. This provides all the flexibility you need for non-standard bag sizes.

The frame is rated to support 20 lb of weight. Any bag that is suspsended on the frame without contacting the floor or ground should not exceed 20 lb of weight of the contents within the bag. However, if the base of the bag rests on the floor or ground, the 20 lb weight limit does not apply as the weight of contents within the bag is supported by the floor or ground.

The HopperStand is rated to support a weight of 20 lb on the table top. The table top is capable of supporting additional weight to a certain extent for limited periods, but it could result in warping of the table top and potential damage to the frame and the pivot assembly.

The 4 clamps on the bottom of the table top are designed to snap on to the frame. All 4 clamps can be engaged on the frame when the frame is set in the "standard" position (when the 2 vertical groove lines on the pivot assemblies are aligned). However, the table top can also be placed and/or attached to the frame in non-standard positions. For example, the table top can be attached to the frame using only 2 of the clamps on one side of the table while the 2 other clamps are resting either on the inside or outside of the other supporting frame depending on the "opening width" of the frame. In this configuration, it is possible to have a bag on the frame and swivel the table top open in order to dispose of trash into the bag underneath the table top. Likewise, it is possible to place the table top unattached on the frame where none of the clamps are attached to the frame. This is possible when the frame is in its "Wide 1" position or the "Narrow 1" preset position.

The Rest

No. The HopperStand is fully assembled and requires no assembly by the user.

Yes. The HopperStand is completely made of plastic components and is washable.

Please contact us at info@hopperstand.com for queries about replacement parts.

The HopperStand frame folds flat. All detachable components that include the table top, stakes and bag clips, can be attached to the frame. This is the ideal method to store and transport the unit.

No. Other than the detachable components that include the table top, stakes and bag clips, the HopperStand cannot be dismantled.

Yes. The HopperStand is completely made of plastic components and is weather resistant. The color can fade if the unit is kept out in the sun continuously for extended periods.

No. The HopperStand is currently available in a single color only.

No. For a minimum order size of 25,000 units, we are happy to consider producing a custom table top.

We are always happy to address any questions or concerns via email. Please contact us at info@hopperstand.com