The HopperStand Story

Appearing at first glance as an ordinary table – the HopperStand is anything but that! It is the only multi-purpose utility table that is also a universal bag holder – for virtually any type of ordinary bag or sack. Coupled with other detachable accessories that include a pair of stakes and bag clips, the HopperStand is truly a “Swiss-Army Knife” type of a product with uses that is only limited by one’s need or imagination. And by the way – the tabletop is also detachable.

The brainchild of inventor, Santosh Arcot, the HopperStand is a progression of other products in the Hopper series - HopperBagTM – the only lawn and leaf bag with a built-in funnel top in every bag, and the HopperTopperTM – the simplest lawn and leaf bag funnel for the common paper lawn and leaf bag. With a passion for finding efficient ways to perform ordinary domestic tasks, Santosh saw the need to create a product that could potentially consolidate multiple common household items into a single product – an item that is versatile and flexible for many applications and situations.

The HopperStand Muti-purpose Utility Table and Universal Bag Holder was a year in development with number of design improvements through the process. The end result is the culmination of our efforts in delivering a product that is solidly-engineered to accommodate all common household tasks, and yet elegant in form and function.

Created and manufactured entirely in the USA, we proudly stand behind the fruits of our efforts and sincerely hope that the HopperStand delivers to all your expectations and more!

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